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Protection against cardiovascular risk

The vascular endothelium is an active tissue that controls several important functions such as regulation of vascular tone, maintenance of blood circulation, fluidity, coagulation and inflammatory responses. Endothelial function plays a relevant role in the development of atherosclerosis, hypertension and

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Protection for patients with Chronic Atrophic Gastritis (CAG)

Protection against enzymatic abnormalities of the gastric mucosa for patients with Chronic Atrophic Gastritis (CAG) Patients with CAG, who are not infected with Helicobacter pylori, show oxidative stress in the gastric mucosa. Enzymatic abnormalities and oxidative DNA damage in the

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Protection against Occupational Stress

Occupational stress is your organism’s response to a threatening work-related situation Occupational Stress designates the effects of work-related and/or environmental factors on your physical and/or mental wellbeing. While psychological stress can have some beneficial effects on many of your body

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