Protection of the airways

Protection of the airways

Protection of the airways

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Colds, rhinitis, pharyngitis, sore throats and other similar woes often appear in winter. These include infections and inflammations of sinuses, nose, pharynx, larynx, and throat.

Your body has the means to protect you:

  • Your immune system forms a barrier in the mucous membranes of your nose, pharynx, larynx, and throat, eliminating all infectious agents attacking you and
  • Your antioxidant system protects you against inflammation.

However, if your organism is weakened by age or by illness, fatigue, depression, overwork, etc., your natural defense systems do not defend it as well.

Immun’Âge® can help you protect your body against these attacks by boosting your natural protection.

Immun’Âge® contributes to protecting you against this type of attack and the severity because it improves the immune defenses of the respiratory tract mucosa and reduces oxidative stress, i.e. inflammation.

Immun’Âge® solution: Why & how?

Protection in winter

  • Use: better protection against routine attacks affecting the upper respiratory tract (nose, sinuses, larynx, throat, etc.)
  • Action: boosts the immunity and antioxidant capacity of the upper respiratory tract.
  • Dose: 1 to 3 packets per day.

When the first symptoms appear

  • Use: reduction in the severity and duration of the symptoms.
  • Action: stimulates immunity and reduces oxidative stress.
  • Dose: 3 packets for 2-3 days.

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