Protect your skin against aging

Protect your skin against aging

Protect your skin against aging

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People in the U.S. are living longer than ever before. Many seniors live active and healthy lives. But there’s no getting around one thing: as we age, our bodies and minds change.
There are things you can do to stay healthy and active as you age, advices.
Eliminate self destructive behavior

This is the first step in preventing disease and meeting your later years with vitality and good health and it almost goes without saying – almost. The health toll of destructive behaviors. Whether it’s nicotine or sugar or drugs, don’t let your “vice” become your master. In time it will not only rule your life , it will destroy your body.

Eat properly

The food with which you choose to fuel your body is the single most powerful choice you can make for your health now and as you age. In particular, the stress of free radicals and insulin resistance (i.e. oxidation and “syndrome X”) will wreak havoc on your health. As we age, our cells are more vulnerable. It’s that much more important to stimulate the metabolism, control stress hormones, safeguard immunity, and prevent atrophy and fuel your body appropriately with whole, fresh, nutritionally-dense food as well as the least processed food possible…


“We don’t stop moving because we get older, we get older because we stop moving.” Much of “aging” is essentially tissue wasting (atrophy). The human body is designed to conserve precious energy. If you are sedentary, you are sending a clear message to your cells (e.g. your muscles, bones, and brain) that they aren’t necessary. Your muscles weaken, your bones shed their valuable osseous material – thereby even further compromising your immunity – and your mental capacity begins to slowly deteriorate. Exercise is a necessary component of functioning as a human being.

Manage stress

An excess of gluccocorticoid hormone production will quickly derail the best health plans and prematurely age you. The common symptoms of aging – high blood pressure, heart disease, adrenal fatigue, wrinkles, loss of sex drive, loss of energy, poor memory – are not really symptoms of aging at all. They’re symptoms of emotional stress. Find a way to cope with the stress that can’t be eliminated, whether through exercise, prayer, meditation or time in the garden.

Think young

Your one life is a precious gift, but “thinking young” is about more than thinking positively or staying interested in current trends and world events. Realize that even at 55, 65, 75 and beyond, you are “young”. As long as you are alive and taking every intelligent step to get the most from your body and your life, you are young.

Get rest Adequate sleep can drastically affect your lifespan and your well being.

Practice good hygiene

I see this one left out of many so-called guides to “aging secrets”. Aside from bathing and preventive habits like frequent hand washing, look after your dental health, your hearing, your vision, your nails, and your home. Cleanliness may or may not be next to godliness, but it is certainly going to help prevent infections and potentially serious long-term health problems. Be proud of your body and take care of it.

Prudent supplementation

Our food supply is not always sufficient for providing us with all the available tools to fight oxidation and stress or reduce our risk for certain diseases. Do your best to provide your body with the freshest, most nutritious and less processed food you can. But you can go beyond this with prudent supplementation which have been proved their efficacy by clinical studies.

Proactive living

It’s been said that many people fritter their lives away in despair, living someone else’s dreams and choices. Take personal responsibility and seize the life you have been blessed with. Make active choices about who you will love, how you will live, and what you will do. Passivity breeds jealousy, imbalance, resentment, fear, fatigue, depression and unhappiness. Authentic living has as much or more to do with longevity and good health as anything else.


Here’s the last, but not least, it’s easy to beat yourself up or get carried away with stress and perfectionist tendencies. Don’t dwell on your misses.Concentrate on how well you’re doing right now. We’re a performance-based culture, and this can be destructive to self-worth. Concentrate on your good habits and achievements and build on those instead offocusing on the negative things.

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