Immun’Âge® & Sporting Activity

Immun’Âge® & Sporting Activity

Immun’Âge® & Sporting Activity

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When you practice sport intensively, you need much more oxygen than normal to produce the energy required for exertion. The greater your physical activity, the more energy you need. During this energy production, free radicals are created.

If your antioxidant system does not eliminate all the free radicals, there are too many of them and they are harmful. They oxidize your cells and damage their operation, leading to oxidative stressThis is what happens when you practice sport intensively.

The direct consequences of this damage generated by oxidative stress: 

  • early fatigue,
  • cramps, muscle soreness, muscular or articular pains,
  • digestive problems,
  • poor sleep,
  • difficult recovery after exercise.

Intensive physical activity will also affect your immune defense system.
4 to 72 hours after an intense exertion, the effectiveness of your immune system falls, exposing you to the risk of upper respiratory tract infections (nose, sinuses, throat, larynx, etc.).

By stimulating your antioxidant system and your immune system, Immun’Âge® helps you recover more quickly after exertion and protects you against its adverse effects.

Immun’Âge® is an effective ally during intense physical activity as it helps your organism fight oxidative stress and boosts your immune defense.


Immun’Âge®  Why? How?

For better recovery after intense exertion and fewer physical consequences (such as muscle soreness, fatigue, cramps, muscular or articular pain, digestive problems, etc.).
Immun’Âge® contributes to providing a protective effect against oxidative damage and stimulating the immune system.

During training periods: 1 packet per day.
On the eve of a sports event: 3 packets.
After intensive exertion (training, competition): 3 packets within one hour after the exertion.

Certified anti-doping for amateur and confirmed athletes.

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