Food supplement as backup for triple therapy

Food supplement as backup for triple therapy

Food supplement as backup for triple therapy

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The use of drugs or food supplement in addition to the triple therapy – like Immun’Âge® – seems to be useful for patients affected by HIV.


HIV attacks and destroys the CD4 lymphocytes of the immune system. CD4 lymphocytes are a type of white blood cells of the immune system.  They play a major role in protecting the body from infection. HIV uses the machinery of the CD4 lymphocytes to make copies of itself and spread throughout the body. This process is called the HIV life cycle.

The positive effects that the antiretroviral therapy has obtained in the treatment of patients affected by HIV /AIDS is related to two events which act directly on the pathogenesis of the disease:
– the viral replication (multiplication of the HIV) suppression and,
– the increase in the CD4 lymphocytes.

However, a significant percentage of  patients (around 30%) gave controversial responses regarding these parameters. Among these, there are the so-called “immunological non responders (INRs)”, which don’t show that constant increase in the CD4 lymphocytes.

Various studies showed that this population might develop not only new AIDS defining clinical events (opportunistic diseases), but also not AIDS-related diseases, with an evident negative impact on survival.

Moreover, oxidative stress can play a fundamental role in affecting the phenomenon of missed immunological recovery. As a consequence, the use of drugs or other antioxidative supplements can be useful.

Food supplement Immun’Âge®

Some preliminary in-vitro studies carried out by Prof. Luc Montagnier – co-discoverer of HIV 1 & 2 viruses and 2008 Nobel prize in medicine – and tested on African patients showed that Immun’Âge® has powerful antioxidative properties and immuno-modulating properties.

This trial was carried out in the Integrated Research Center Bioclinics of Abidjan (CIRBA) in Ivory Coast in 2002. These HIV-infected patients had been previously treated with classic antiretroviral therapy for 6 to 12 months. They had all undetectable plasma viral load , i.e. number of virus copies (less than 200 copies of viral RNA/ml).

However, as it quite happens often, the restoration of their immune system had not accompanied the drop in viral load even after several months, and their CD4 lymphocyte count had not increased significantly.

Taking Immun’Âge® (6 sachets of 3g/day) resulted in an increase (doubling) number of CD4 lymphocytes after 1 to 3 months. This rate held steady even 6 months after stopping Immun’Âge®.

The physical condition of patients had also improved with Immun’Âge® intake (weight gain, increased hemoglobin level).

From these still preliminary results, it seems clear that Immun’Âge® has only beneficial effects after an initial antiretroviral therapy which significantly decreases the virus load. For these INRs patients, treatment by Immun’Âge® may induce a significant improvement. 

In order to explore the possible CD4 lymphocytes increase process, their functional characteristics and the clinical benefits at the same time, others studies are planned to confirm this “proof of concept”.

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